On the 12th of March the Ministry of Economy, Department of Development, as Managing Authority of the National Operational Programme related to the issues of technical assistance and goveranance, has hosted in Rome a dissemination event organised by t33 Srl in order to present a specific report on the available information in ESPON database. The report has been produced and the event realized in the context of the TerrEvi project, cofinanced by the European Union in the framework of the ESPON 2013 Programme. The report, prepared as an operational guidance to select information from the ESPON Programme website and TerrEvi project website, has been presented by Andrea Gramillano, t33 expert, to the representatives of the Managing Authority of National Operational Programme Governance and Technical Assistance, Ministry of Economy and Department of civil services. The discussion has focused on the possibility of a use of ESPON evidence for supporting the programming activity and on the replication of the ESPON model as an action in the light of the National Operational Programme related to Governance.

Attached you find the report and the presentation.

The report can be used as a guidance to extract information from the ESPON database related to governance.

PON Governance 2014+ presentation
TerrEvi ESPON report