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TerrEvi - The project

Methodological approach. TerrEvi uses as sources all the main ESPON projects in the ESPON database. Comparable information, evidences, analyses and scenarios on territorial dynamics have been collected in order to identify territorial capitals and development potentials of regions and larger territories in relation to the Europe 2020 objectives of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and to the Territorial Agenda 2020. From a methodological point of view, ESPON TerrEvi has used various tools: (a) multi-level approach, (b) traffic lights, (c) box-plots, (d) territorial impact assessment. The ESPON multi-level approach has been used to interpret evidences at different territorial levels. Maps provide spatial representations of these evidences.

Development of the project. The project, started in February 2012, is in its final phasis of realisation. Until now, TerrEvi has produced various reports, and describing the main steps and the methodological approach. The other specific deliveries directly target the programme areas: 53 factsheets for cross-border cooperation programmes; 13 factsheets for transnational cooperation programmes; 10 territorial evidence packs for cooperation and regional programmes were produced in the case study areas (4 Nuts-2 regions; 5 Transnational programmes, 1 Cross-border Programmes. These specific deliveries provide the reader with insights on different types of ESPON territorial evidences with regard to the possible investment priorities of the future 2014-2020 Structural Funds programmes. All the reports are available on the ESPON website ( Dissemination activities have been foreseen to increase the web accessibility and the usability of ESPON evidences for regional programmers beyond the ESPON community.  New reports will be produced to re-adapt the TerrEvi methodological tool to new areas or cases and to support the link between national and international databases. Some events will be organised on a demand driven base and will present TerrEvi also by showing the use of the dissemination tools (e.g. website, factsheets etc…).

Project partners
Metis GmbH (Lead partner)
t33 Srl
Faculty of Geography and Geology University of Iasi (FGGI)