Regional population aged from 30 to 34 with tertiary education (2010) in relation to EU2020 Target = 40%

Definition. A share of 40% of regional population aged from 30 to 34 years with tertiary education attainment is one of the main headline targets for inclusive growth within the Europe 2020 strategy. It can be seen that about ¼ of all regions already reached this target.

Key facts at European level. Highest shares are to be stated for northern Spain, France, the UK and Nordic countries. Surprisingly, northern German and Austrian regions score very low. On the other hand, capital regions of Eastern Europe like Warszawa, Bratislava, Ljubljana or Sofia stand out as regions where population with tertiary education attainment agglomerates. Besides Germany and Austria, mainly Eastern and Southern European countries (except Spain, Poland and the Baltic states) show values of less than 30% – some even less than 20% – of total population aged 30-34 with tertiary education.