Percentage of early leavers (aged 18-24) in relation to EU2020 Target (10%)

Definition. Another headline target of the Europe 2020 strategy concerns regional early school leavers. By 2020 the share of young people (aged 18-24) without any degree is supposed to be lower than 10%. Therefore, the map indicates which regions have already met the target and for which regions this challenge will remain a persisting one for the next ten years.

Key facts at European level. In general, Eastern European countries perform better than many Western European countries. All regions of the corridor ranging from Switzerland and Croatia over Southern Germany, Austria and Slovenia up to Poland have already met the target. Additionally, several Scandinavian and western French regions as well as southern Ireland and single regions in the Benelux countries and Germany stand out in Western Europe. On the other hand, the worrying situation in all parts of Turkey, Spain and Portugal indicates that the regional performance of educational systems is highly influenced by the national level. Furthermore, some peripheral regions like Wales, Scotland, Iceland or northern Norway also have high shares of early school leavers.