Employment rate (2010) in relation to EU2020 Target = 75%

Definition. The indicator measures the ratio of active population 20-64 years-old in 2010 in relation to EU2020 Target = 75%.

Key facts at European level. The map shows a varied picture. All Sweden, Netherlands Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany and the UK have many regions above 75 .The remaining regions of all these countries are typically close to the target, which is also the case of most of the regions in metropolitan France or the Czech Republic. In contrast, Eastern Europe (especially the Balkan countries) and Southern Europe score very badly in relation to the target. In Southern Europe, Spain and Italy show a dramatic internal disparity which is very geographical: their Northern regions are very close to the EU average and some of them even close to the headline target but, moving progressively towards the South, the rate worsens, with Campania in Italy as a bottom extreme (43.7%) of the European regions.