Distance in % of GDP invested in R&D in relation to National Targets

Definition. The indicator measures the distance in percentage of GDP invested in R&D in relation to National Target (%).

Key facts at European level. Although an overall target of 3% of GDP has been set for the European territorial area as a whole, national targets vary significantly from a low 0.5% in Cyprus to a high 4% for Sweden and Finland, countries that are already investing heavily in R&D activities. In a European perspective, only a few regions have met their national target (green regions on the map). Best performing regions compared with national target are Brabant Wallon in Belgium, Braunschweig, Stuttgart, Oberbayern and Dresden in Germany, Hovedstaden in Denmark, Pohjois-Suomi in Finland, Střední Čechy and Praha in Czech Republic and Midi-Pyrennées in France.