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TerrEvi Territorial Evidence Packs for Structural Funds Programmes

Being ESPON knowledge basis already highly developed, the TerrEvi project, belonging to the ESPON scientific platform, has been conceived for making the available evidences more accessible and used by European Structural Funds programme authorities and stakeholders. TerrEvi developed a methodological concept for using available territorial evidence for the 2014-2020 programming period and tested the full potential of the methodological concept in ten pilot cases, developing ways forward how ESPON territorial evidences can be useful for both Growth & Jobs and Territorial Cooperation Programmes.

The on field experience (workshops, case studies) of TerrEvi highlighted a large interest in the regional managing authorities regarding the use of ESPON tools in supporting the programming activity. The website is part of the dissemination activities of the TerrEvi ESPON project aiming at increasing the potential use of ESPON knowledge in support programming activities, in other words, this website contributes to put in practice the main goal of ESPON Programme that is “Inspire policy making by territorial evidence”.